Core goals:

An exchange folder, which is exchanged every 2 weeks. Deliver door to door.

The content will consist of:

Free folk media of the Netherlands and surrounding countries.

- newspapers and magazines that you borrow for 2 weeks and then offer them at the same time as you received them.

- flyers, stickers, pamphlets, and posters that you can keep, but also leave in the folder.

You can add media yourself, which will be offered by wappiemap.nl to the affiliated newspapers and magazines.

The wappiemap is shared 5 times, the latter can keep the folder. Not the bag.


 By an organization of volunteers that distributes throughout the Netherlands and receives a fee to cover expenses. And with this to support this volunteer organization, to professionalize itself.


A professional organization now that distributes this exchange folder in the Netherlands.


a combination of both.


Expected subscribers after 1 year = 7000

Expected subscribers after 5 years = 150,000

The folder is a Sturdy Plastic Bag with the above logo on it.

The website informs people about this initiative, the contents of the folder, and any media received in the return bags and offers subscribers the opportunity to become a member.

What do we need:

- Lots of "word of mouth" advertising.

- A Network Meeting in which we curb the collaboration with a hug.

Let us know if you want to participate in this initiative.

Greetings Sjonny O'Fark

The Chamber of Social Values

(De kamer van Sociale Waarden)

 mob:+31(0)6-53 44 50 54


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