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A Society is a private home with meeting facilities and overnight accommodation for friends and a guest of the club. We also organize activities together with friends in or from out the society. We, Alex, social and private coach / companion 45j and Alexia social and private coach / companion 47j , we are the inhabitants of the Society. The club sets itself the goal of facilitating activities and meetings around social commitments. Searching for, entering into, maintaining and responsibly ending it. This can be done in groups or under 4 eyes. However, within our 4 walls, this takes place within our private sphere. We strive to be able to receive our friends whenever necessary. We also strive to share our objectives with friends within their sphere of life for there friends. Making commitments is the way to get the best out of yourself within your freedom. Committing commitments has been demonized for a century and has been marketed within our lives. Marketed to professionalise

De Power comes from within.

I think the biggest mistake people make in there life is, First follow expectations of a financial need, and let the leftovers for social needs. I even think leaders did tell you this, and by themselves they do what they like most. Also in there financial needs. A society gives me and al my friends a lot privileges. One of them is privacy. we don't keep administration. You have a key if you live in the house or are part of the social network of the society in need of a key. The house is payed for and the project is part of my own salvation. And the state will pay for it. Or not. Now it does. In the end, we have a society and al people asking for help, will wait in line for the caretakers to take over. Whereby we don't need them. We have each other. People I think are forgotten that the power comes from within yourself. If you follow, others will deside for themselves, using you. And that power I'm extremely curious about. Because it makes you. In your identity. Your pers

We zijn op zoek naar sociale krachten.

Een sociëteit is een privéwoning met bijeenkomst faciliteiten en overnachtingsmogelijkheden voor vrienden en introducé van de sociëteit. Tevens organiseren we te samen met vrienden activiteiten in of vanuit de sociëteit. Wij, Alex, sociaal en privé coach / companion  48j en Alexia sociaal en privé coach / companion 50j , wij zijn de inwoners van de Sociëteit. De sociëteit stelt zich als doel, te faciliteren in activiteiten en bijeenkomsten rond sociale verbintenissen. Het zoeken, aangaan, onderhouden en verantwoord beeindiggen daarvan. Dit kan in groepsverband of onder 4 ogen. Echter binnen onze 4 muren vindt dit daarmee binnen onze privésfeer plaats. We streven onze vrienden te kunnen opvangen, waar nodig. Tevens streven we er voor onze vrienden ook onze doelstelling te delen met vrienden binnen hun levenssfeer. Verbintenissen aangaan is de manier om binnen je vrijheid het beste uit je zelf te halen. Verbintenissen aangaan is sinds een eeuw gedemoniseerd en binnen onze leven